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Online Resources

Easy to use, online resources are available to help you manage your Medical Mutual health plan 24/7. See what’s covered by your plan, get estimates of what you can expect to pay for different services and learn about how to get the most out of your health plan.

My Health Plan

My Health Plan, Medical Mutual’s members-only website, gives you the resources you need in one place. When you log in, you’ll get access to: 

  • Spending information – View your claims, out-of-pocket spending and Explanations of Benefits. You can also download a copy of your claims in to an Excel document.
  • Our Provider Search Tool – Find providers near you that are covered by your health plan.
  • Online ID card ordering – If you lost your Medical Mutual ID card, you can easily order new copies. You can also print a temporary copy of your card to use in the meantime until your new cards arrive in the mail.
  • Your Certificate or Benefit Book – View an online copy of your benefit book and save or print a copy.
  • Health and wellness resources – Get more details about all of Medical Mutual’s health and wellness offerings. You can even enroll in certain programs directly on My Health Plan.

My Care Compare

My Care Compare helps you base your healthcare decisions on a host of factors including cost, quality and location so you make the best decision for your health and your wallet.

With My Care Compare, you can:

  • Get cost estimates for multiple services, from routine lab work and office visits to minor and major surgeries.
  • Compare costs at different locations for the same medical procedure.
  • View quality ratings of doctors and hospitals.
  • Watch videos that describe what you can expect with various treatment options.

MedMutual Mobile App

With our mobile app, you can manage your health plan right from your smartphone or tablet. When you log in to our app, you can: 

  • Find a Provider – Use your GPS to find the closest in-network provider. Then, get directions from your current location.
  • Access your ID card – Email or fax a copy of your ID card to your provider right from your device.
  • View spending information – Review your claims, your deductible and out-of-pocket spending amounts.

Member Newsletters

Healthy Outlooks is Medical Mutual’s email newsletter created exclusively for our members. Read about important health and wellness topics, like disease prevention, finding the right doctor, cancer screenings, good nutrition, exercise tips and more. Healthy Outlooks is also the place to find information about making the most of your health plan, like your patient rights and responsibilities, phone numbers to call for certain health issues and recommended health and medical websites.

Log in to My Health Plan

Get started with our online resources by logging in My Health Plan.